Pregnant youth and Young families who thrive in an inclusive community.


St Mary’s Home ensures that pregnant youth and young families in Eastern Ontario have access to equitable and responsive programs, services and resources.


Grounded in a strengths-based philosophy which builds on the inherent resilience of each individual, St. Mary’s Home / Maison Sainte-Marie is committed to providing comprehensive services, advocacy and programs for pregnant youth and young parent families. These are offered in a milieu of respect, care and safety and in partnership with the community.

Objectives of Programs and Services for pregnant and parenting youth and their children:
― Support optimal peri-natal outcomes;
― Motivate choices for healthy lifestyles;
― Provide opportunities for education and learning;
― Promote positive parenting skills;
― Build self-esteem;
― Champion healthy child development;
― Promote secure attachment in children; and
― Provide social and health supports.


We believe that:

Pregnancy is a time of opportunity for personal growth

Young parents are capable of building strong, nurturing and healthy families

Children have rights as individuals

The following set of values is integral to our work:

  • Respect: Each individual has innate worth and dignity.  This is reflected in our attitude and in the practice of equality, fairness and teamwork
  • Trust: Relationships built on integrity and compassion lay the foundation of trust.  We are committed to providing an atmosphere where trust can develop and grow.
  • Reconciliation: We must place a special and intentional focus on Canada’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples. We are committed to playing our role in addressing the Calls to Action that have been made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility: We will advance, build and support inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible workplace and practices, promote and anti-discriminatory approach to service delivery.
  • Collaboration and Engagement: Strong community partnerships are integral to our programs and services. We promote and invest in collaboration and partnership.
  • Impact Oriented: We are results-oriented, responsive, innovative and creative. We learn and adapt our work to the evolving landscape.